Colour Changing Gin Kit


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StillHouse ‘Colour Changing Gin Kit’

The Perfect Gift for your Gin Loving friends

Kit includes everything you need to make 2 x 350ml bottles of Colour Changing Gin

700ml StillHouse Gin,  350ml Bottle & Cork,  Colour changing Botanicals flowers, pipette, filter cloth, Labels, Hughes Craft Distillery Pencil, and  Instructions. All in a hamper carry box


Botanicals in this batch include:

Juniper berries | Sun Dried Orange| Green Cardamom pods | Corriander Seeds, Orris, Angelica Root, Cassia Bark, Liquorice root.


Colour Change Botanical:

Butterfly Pea Flowers

Signature Serve: 35ml your Colour changing Gin served on Ice. Garnish glass with Orange on the side (to be dropped in after colour change)

Colour change will happen when tonic or citrus is added.

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